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International Administrative Law

international administrative law kryvoi

Prof Yarik Kryvoi has significant experience in the area of international administrative law and in particular the regulation and resolution of disputes between international civil servants and intergovernmental organisations.

Prof Kryvoi has practised international administrative law and employment law with the Economic Court of the Commonwealth of Independent States and the World Bank Administrative Tribunals. While at Harvard Law School he won a competition to conduct an analysis of the World Bank Administrative Tribunal's jurisprudence.

He has also spoken at a number of high-level conferences on the interaction between international public law, international labour law, international rules of international organisations as well as privileges and immunities of international organisations.

His publications in this field include:

  • ‘Procedural Fairness as a Precondition for Immunity of International Organizations’, International Organizations Law Review, Volume 13, pp.255-272 (2016). || + Abstract || Download ||.

    Derived from the renowned multi-volume International Encyclopaedia of Laws, this practical analysis of the structure, competence, and management of International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) provides substantial and readily accessible information for lawyers, academics, and policymakers likely to have dealings with its activities and data. No other book gives such a clear, uncomplicated description of the organization's role, its rules and how they are applied, its place in the framework of international law, or its relations with other organizations.

    The monograph proceeds logically from the organization's genesis and historical development to the structure of its membership, its various organs and their mandates, its role in intergovernmental cooperation, and its interaction with decisions taken at the national level. Its competence, its financial management, and the nature and applicability of its data and publications are fully described.

    Systematic in presentation, this valuable time-saving resource offers the quickest, easiest way to acquire a sound understanding of the workings of International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) for all interested parties. Students and teachers of international law will find it especially valuable as an essential component of the rapidly growing and changing global legal milieu.

  • ‘The Law Applied by International Administrative Tribunals: From Autonomy to Hierarchy’, George Washington International Law Review, Volume 46, pp. 267-301 (2015). || + Abstract || Download ||.

    This Article examines the law applied by the administrative tribunals of international organizations when resolving disputes between international organizations and international civil servants. The analysis suggests that international administrative tribunals primarily rely on employment contracts and internal law of international organisations while only rarely referencing international law.

    This Article argues that international administrative tribunals should specifically define in their relevant statutes the sources of law applicable to international administrative disputes and that they should distinguish such sources from non-legal norms. The Article further notes the modern trend of international administrative tribunals of giving more weight to general principles of law.

    It ultimately argues that these tribunals should establish the supremacy of international law, particularly fundamental principles of international labor law, over the internal law of international organizations. The establishment of such a hierarchy will make international administrative law more legitimate, coherent, and predictable.

  • ‘International Courts’ in The Year in Review, An Annual Publication of the ABA/Section of International Law, pp. 129-147 (co-authored with Emerson Beishline et al, 2013).
  • ‘The World Bank and the ILO: Two Visions of Employment Regulation’, in REGULATION OF FIXED-TERM EMPLOYMENT CONTRACTS: A COMPARATIVE OVERVIEW (Roger Blanpain & Claire Grant eds.), pp. 47-59 (Wolters Kluwer 2009). || Download ||.

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