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Law and Policy in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and the CIS

Prof Kryvoi regularly advises on the legal systems of the former Soviet Union states such as Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Uzbekistan, including their commercal laws, courts, commercial dispute resolution and the legal profession. He has law degrees and practical experience practicing law in the Russian Federation and Belarus, completed a number of advisory, academic and policy projects in the region.

His experience includes:

  • Regularly acting as country expert in court and arbitration proceedings
  • Founder of the CIS Arbitration Forum
  • Founder of the Ostrogorski Forum
  • Member of the Executive Committee of the Russian and CIS Arbitration Network
  • Acting as a member of the Working Group of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Uzbekistan on improving the legal framework and practice of international commercial arbitration in Uzbekistan
  • Initiating and running multiple projects related to the rule of law, good governance and education reform in Belarus
  • Conducting a World Bank funded comparative law analysis of the best practices among OECD States to draw recommendations for the government of a Central Asian State on the reform of rule-making, legislative procedures, functions of ministry of justice and corporate governance
  • Preparing a report with recommendations on the development law and policy related to foreign direct investments in international treaties and domestic law for a post-Soviet State
  • Practicing law with a leading US law firm in St Petersburg, Russia and a Magic Circle law firm in London working primarily on commercial and investor-State disputes involving Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan

His academic publications related to the region include:

  • ‘Economic Crimes in International Investment Law’, International and Comparative Law Quarterly (2018) || Download ||.
  • ‘Law and Practice of International Arbitration in the CIS Region (co-edited with Kaj Hobér) (Wolters Kluwer, 2017). || Buy ||.
  • ‘Corporate Disputes in Arbitration Tribunals: To Be or Not To Be’, Zakon, Issue 4, pp.108-118 (co-authored with Sergey Strembelev, in Russian) (2013). || Download ||.
  • ‘Bribery and Russia-Related Arbitration’, in ARBITRATION IN CIS COUNTRIES: CURRENT ISSUES, pp. 113-126 (Association for International Arbitration 2012). || Download ||.
  • ‘Employee Ownership and Corporate Governance in Post-Privatization Russia’, UC Davis Business Law Journal, Volume 8, pp. 298-322 (2008); reprinted in Corporate Governance in Transition Economies, pp. 221-249 (McGee ed. 2008). || Download ||.
  • ‘Why European Union Trade Sanctions Do Not Work’, Minnesota Journal of International Law, Volume 17, pp. 209-246 (2008); Harvard European Law Working Paper No.02/2007 (2007). || Download ||.
  • ‘Discrimination and Security of Employment in a Post-Soviet Context’, The International Journal of Comparative Law and Industrial Relations, Volume 22, No.1, pp. 5-17 (2006). || Download ||.
  • ‘Smarriti nella transizione: i lavoratori meno giovani nelle economie europee di transizione’, Diritto delle Relazioni Industriali, Volume 15, No.4, pp. 1019-1026 (2005) (in Italian).
  • ‘The Relationship between the State and Trade Unions on the Labour Market: the Belarusian Case’, Bulletin of Comparative Labour Relations, Volume 48, pp.223-231 (2003).
  • ‘From Sanctions to Summits: Belarus After the Ukraine Crisis’, Policy Memo (European Council on Foreign Relations, 2015). || Download ||.
  • Bribery, Corruption, and Fraud in Investor-State Disputes: How Should Tribunals Approach Economic Crimes?, 10 August 2018, Kluwer Arbitration Blog || Read ||.
  • Interview with ICSID Secretary-General Meg Kinnear: ICSID and the CIS Region, 31 May 2017, CIS Arbitration Forum || Read ||.
  • More Parties include ICC Arbitration Clauses, the Number of CIS Disputes Rising. Interview with the Secretary General of the ICC International Court of Arbitration and Director of Dispute Resolution Services of the ICC, 22 December 2015, CIS Arbitration Forum || Read ||.
  • Russia’s Mistral Deal under International Sanctions – will the Dispute be Arbitrable?, 23 October 2014, CIS Arbitration Forum || Read ||.
  • Clash of Giants — the Yukos Arbitration Decision, 12 August 2014, LexisNexis || Read ||.
  • Protecting Foreign Investors in Crimea: Is Investment Arbitration an Option? 29 July 2014, LexisNexis || Read ||.
  • Russia’s Mistral Deal under International Sanctions – will the Dispute be Arbitrable? 3 October 2014, CIS Arbitration Forum || Read ||.
  • National Labour Law Profile: Kazakhstan November 2006, International Labour Organization || Read ||.

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